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Minimize the risks and responsibilities of the directors & business owners

Protect intellectual property

Resolve labor disputes, dismiss employees

Protect in litigations and administrative bodies

Develop contracts of any complexity, including foreign trade contracts

Check advertising and promotion activities

Draw up branch network, franchise, dealership, distribution

Tax safety system implementation




A team of professionals with many years of teamwork

Practicing lawyers with 20 year experience in business legal support Practical experience in large Russian and international companies

We have experience in large Russian and international companies

Understanding of the needs of our clients and how the business operates from within

Represented interests in more than 500 litigations

Positive court resolutions for the amounts exceeding 1 billion rubles



The Company Techenergochim has been cooperating with one of JURTWINS owners – Tatiana Kosukhina for more than 5 years. All this time Tatiana successfully represented the Company’s interests in arbitration courts.

Tatyana’s decision to set up her own law firm in cooperation with Anna Sologubova was the right one. Since then, the boundaries of our cooperation have expanded – now we are working with JURTWINS – a team of professional and responsible lawyers, very proactive and positive people.

JURTWINS always offers multiple options for the solution of a problem, provides a way out of any situation, explains all possible risks in details to make the right decision for the business.

I recommend working with JURTWINS

Alexey Sedov General Director, “Techenergochim” LLC

I usually write reviews and leave comments very reluctantly, but in the case of Anna Sologubova I cannot help but share our experience of cooperation with this unique specialist, the standard of professionalism plus charm and pleasantness, both in professional routine and in everyday communication, with Lawyer with capital “L”!

We got the impression that there are no areas and directions in jurisprudence in which Anna is not well-read – moreover, she does it quickly, brilliantly and masterfully: an excellent knowledge of laws, acts and regulations, and, most importantly, precise and competent application in practice – by right, allow it to occupy and hold a place in the TOP-list for more than a year! Brilliant education, fluency in English, foreign trade, arbitration, licensing … the list is endless… For us, Anna is a lawyer of “God’s level”!

Thank you for effective cooperation! We look forward to new “troubles” in order to have an occasion for the next meeting!!!

Thanks once more!!!

Nicholas Azarov Producer SPRING PEOPLE MEDIA


Anna Sologubova +7 925 589 44 38

Tatiana Kosukhina +7 925 518 32 98